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Content Creators Copying Not Creating

Final Major Project


Brief - Create a mechanism to encourage young women to be themselves on social media.
Insight - Being yourself by its nature is original !
Solution -  Create a brand with an online presence and Zine. Providing a safe, independent platform of expression for young girls.

Artificial sparks creativity and inspiration through its platforms offering complete realness. Allowing young women to leave their socials feeling good about themselves rather than for worse. As we have the control over that !

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"We are comparing ourselves to a polished and curated feed that is a 5 percent highlight reel of someone's life"

 A self-obsessed generation with a lack of originality in their posts not reflecting their individual personalities.


You're never going to be your best if you're trying to be someone else's best.

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Complete Realness

I collected my content through in-depth research and reaching out to a variety of creatives, content creators and influencers.  For example interviewing Livi Deane who lost her eye to retinoblastoma cancer in 2008. She explained how she uses her instagram as a platform to spread awareness.

"By being my true self and showing complete realness it's lead me to lots more opportunities than before"

The Zine 

The publication itself offers complete realness, exposing the fakes and offering inspiration. Packed with interviews and hints and tips for young girls to just be original and why it's so important we detox our social media.

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Sneak peak of inside the zine

If you would like a free physical zine please email me and ill get one sent out to you.




Creating a strong online presence gave me the ability to network and form connections. Allowing me to gain potential readers, contributors, and collaborators. Increasing reach and sharing content more frequently than in a print.

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