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The Survival Sim

Student Brief


The Sim That Saves You

Brief - Create a collaboration between a brand and a famous figure. Bear Grylls being the figure and EE as a brand.
Insight - EE offers the best service anywhere.
Solution - EE's new Survival Sim, The sim that saves you.

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Bear Grylls EE

Combining Bears traveling lifestyle and weaving the idea of EE through this. Resulting in the idea of 'Survival Sim' offering you the best connection in places needed. As Grylls is in situations where he needs help for "survival" in his show. Linking to how we need service everywhere we go which EE can offer its customer's. 


Printed Posters 

The posters will be placed in areas that don't have much connection to subtly push people to choose EE as a network.

Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 00.51.24.png
Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 00.52.57.png

Instagram Feed

Taking EE to the Instagram promoting the campaign across a different platform to reach the target audience.

Billboard Campaign

Taking the campaign to a bigger scale to capture the target audiences attention.

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