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The New Denmark Street Campaign

Live Brief

Lead AD and creative - Saffron Leijs

Lead Strategist and copywriter - Julia Jones

new denamrkkkkArtboard 3.jpg

Service: Branding, Campaign, Storytelling, Graphic Design



Brief - Develop a concept for a visual story that informs a new audience of how the heritage of Denmark Street is informing the potential of the Outernet as a cultural destination for the future.

Insight -  Denmark Street is a hub for musicians.

Solution -  Encouraging new talent to use the Outernet and Denmark Street as an inspiring hub for their music journey.


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The Outernet London

An immersive media and entertainment business boasting the world's largest high-resolution wrap-around screens. This was such an unreal opportunity to work with such a big company.

It's a hub  ........




Moodboard to create a colour palette for the branding and look of the campaign. I utilised imagery from the location to represent the location.


Typography Exploration


Experimenting with different fonts and compositions for the campaign. Deciding to go with Helvetica LTD Std, as it is the boldest and most strong.


As well as deciding on the name "NEW DENMARK STREET" to make it straight to the point.




The New Denmark Street campaign.

The destination where a musician's journey starts. 

Simple yet effective logo offered in the three brand colours with a contemporary yet urban feel.


Visual Identity


Denmark Street is a rough and ready location with layers of music posters on it's walls. All where the icons of today once started. Our campaign shows this through our design peeling back the layers to reveal new talent as well as embracing the old. 

Social Media Feed


Showcasing past, present and future artists on the social media. Used as an online hub for new artists to promote and connect.


Digital Wall Mural


The Outernet bar will have a digital wall mural. With the Denmark street app allowing you to upload music promotion/advert.


This being the perfect place for networking - you never know who will see your promotion and get in contact, just like in Denmarks prime with some of the icons we have grown up listening too. As well as bringing a bit of Denmarks street personalty into the bar.


Main Outernet Screen


Utilising the main screen to showcase the new talent with a series of posters peeling back to reveal the artists. Replicating what the walls of Denmark Street look like with layers of music history.

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