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At the tip of the tongue of East Greenwich

Live Brief

Lead Art Direction - Saffron Leijs

Lead Copy Writer - Julia Jones


Brief - Develop a strategic direction for the brand and create a visual identity to go alongside this as well and plan an engaging activation for a grand opening.
Insight - The tongue shaped piece of London in East Greenwich know as the Peninsula.
Solution - Redefining a hair salon - Not just a hair salon.

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Tip Of The Tongue.

Stanley Watts is opening Londons new Design District. Found at the tip of tongue of East Greenwich. We felt this was something we could use in the creation of the branding to make Stanley Watts standout from other hair salons.






We do things different.
A whole new take on being “back behind the chair”.
Seeking to fine tune an experience with our own independent twist.
We break the mould of a traditional salon by giving back to those that gave us a story.
A desire to share a space and explore our passions with everyone under one roof.
We provide you with international influences, and a warm welcome.
Our focus is giving you a unique and engaging experience, like no other.
A buzz of creativity and optimism as everyday is different.
We are a new talking point for exposure to relevant and creative minds,
as we support all talent along its journey.
It's not just a hair cut, its a perspective.
We are Stanley Watts, Found at the tip of the tounge of East Greenwich.

Lead Copy Writer - Julia Jones

stanley-watts copy.jpg

Printed Ads

Printed Ads to be placed in the design district to promote to the locals a new hair salon is opening in the area. Aspects of the tongue insight used in the visuals as well in the type. A mixture of the high-end salon with the fun personality of Stanley Watts shining through.


Watts Pops

A fun quirky service design we produced is Watts Pops ice lollies. We believe this is a really nice individual touch that can be offered as a brand linking to the tongue reference we have continued through out the development. 

Blank Space Event

Using the Stanley Watts space to collaborate and showcase local creative's work, a place to network, inspire, and learn. The Design district offering artists, fashion, digital designers and many more, Design district says to“ keep London creative". This is how the hair salon will stand out.

Screenshot 2021-06-06 at 13.25.33.png
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